Best anal Fleshlights of 2024 (february)

Get ready for a dirty and tight backdoor adventure!

last updated: Feb 5, 2024

  • Siren

    Siren - First intense, then realistic

    Anikka’s anal texture provides a high intensity and only towards the end shifts towards realism. As is common for anal inserts Siren gets very tight in certain spots. The only downside of the playful design is the many spaces where body fluids can reside. This makes cleaning more difficult.

    Inside cam view of Siren
  • Savage

    Savage – consistent pleasant stimulation

    Lisa Ann has a new exclusive texture with Savage. It pays tribute to her magnificent ass and impresses with a consistent and exceedingly pleasant stimulation. Otherwise the texture remains relatively simple and also a bit monotonous. The intensity of the smaller ribs should not be underestimated though!

  • Texas Tornado

    Despite the simple structure and the lack of texture elements Alexis’ Texas Tornado provides a very rich orgasm experience. The consistent, spirally twisted stimulation in addition with the small but tight constrictions offer a great penetration sensation. These qualities make Texas Tornado one of the most realistic textures of the Fleshlight Girls series.

  • Lust

    Lust is an anal experience that provides a tight backdoor sensation. The intensity is due to the low amount of texture elements moderate, but the stimulation remains on a high level. A great tightness paired with a nice overall suction effect leads to a well-balanced composition, which is also very practical due to the short cleaning time.

  • Reign

    Reign - high stimulation, great penetration & tight constictions

    Nikki Benz’ Reign promises a downright high stimulation, paired with a great penetration sensation and pleasant constrictions. You should plan some time for the final cleansing because there are many spaces where residues may be left.

  • Next Level

    Next Level – intensive & diverse anal Fleshlight

    Adriana Chechik got the perfect anal signature Fleshlight with Next Level. As she in her movies it starts of wild already. The diverse structures provide a good stimulation from early on. Just before the middle the intensity increases drastically, while more tight passages appear. Even the cleaning process is convincing by not requiring much effort. The largest point of criticism of Next Level is the late arrangement of the core parts deep into the texture. Because their late appearance, you will need to have enough length at your disposal. Other than that Next Level might just be the best anal Fleshlight!

    Inside cam view of Next Level
  • Entice

    Entice – a pleasantly soft anal texture

    Entice is a great anal texture. It provides an extremely pleasant and relatively soft stimulation. Still it creates a good penetration experience and towards the end some very tight moments. To reach those you need a rather long penis, or you might miss this sensation. If you can afford these last inches Entice is going to make you very satisfied. It will provide you with great orgasms.

  • Bulletproof

    Bulletproof offers soft but firm stimulation and simulates a realistic anal sex experience. The perfect fit for you, if you are looking for such a sensation. The sleeve is not too tight and still invites for great orgasms. Fans of constant stimulation without the need of a big variety of structures will love this sleeve.

Anal Fleshlights are Fleshlights with the butthole orifice. Most of them are of Fleshlight Girls. These have usually exclusively with them available textures. If they are from older Fleshlight Girls, in terms of release date, they might also use the shared Forbidden anal texture. This one is a special anal Fleshlight texture that aims to provide a most realistic anal experience and mimics the inside of the anal canal. It was available with many of the earlier girls, but is not in use anymore. Nowadays the girls have their own unique anal textures within their sleeves.

The way these textures are structured has also changed a lot over the years. Early anal textures were all of a similar kind. They generally focused on extremely tight passages and repeating structures. These patters could be seen in almost all of them. Newer models are more diversified and provide much more variety in structures and composition. For some of the girls with pussy and anal textures, the anal one is even the wider and more varying one while the pussy texture provides a tight and continuous sensation. Still, most of the current anal textures rely on the typical qualities for such Fleshlights. That is a strong intensity, a pleasuring penetration experience and of course a gripping tightness.

Other than with the Girls, ILF also offers anal Fleshlights in their “Build your own” configurator. In this tool you can select a personalized Fleshlight. Although the textures available through this tool are not typical anal textures, you can give your creation a butthole orifice to make it visually one.

The above mentioned characteristics of typical anal Fleshlights also come with some side effects. While tightness and intensity are most of the time desired, they usually require more lube to be used with the texture. Also, if you have a penis with a very wide girth picking a tight texture might be too intensive (up to uncomfortable / painful). This is certainly not an issue most men have, but you should keep it in mind if you feel your package is too thick.


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