The most asked questions about Fleshlights and their usage!

How big is a Fleshlight actually? Do they feel good? Or real? And why do they cost so much? We get these and more questions regularly. So, we decided to collect the most frequently asked ones and answer them neatly arranged.

Recommendations & Best

Do you recommend a Fleshlight?

If you are just starting out, we have a list of popular beginner Fleshlights, where you will most likely find a good match for yourself. If you already own a Fleshlight but are not sure which one to get next, we can always recommend looking at the best and most popular Fleshlights. Sometimes men are looking for a specific type of Fleshlight, which is why we have also gathered some recommendations for various types of Fleshlights, you can find them here:

What is the best Fleshlight?

One of the most asked questions is "Which one is the best?". So, we created a list of the Top 10 best Fleshlights you can currently get. We took a lot of consideration into creating it. We combined our own longtime know-how with your ratings to find the best Fleshlights money can buy. Because new Fleshlights are released every now and then we keep updating the list to also include newer models. But dethroning one of the models on there is going to be tough for every newcomer.

Worth Buying & Realistic Feeling

Are Fleshlights any good?

Yes. We might be a bit biased, but Fleshlights are good. Really. They are not without reason the Nr.1 male sex toy for years. While there are several other brands offering masturbators and different male sex toys, Fleshlight still provides some of the best sensations you can gift to your penis.

In particular it is the sheer amount of different textures, sizes, shapes and colors that set Fleshlight apart from competitors. Even though you cannot, yet, fully customize a Fleshlight to fit your every need, there is a huge selection of different models that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something small and discrete or a fully automated self-moving masturbator Fleshlight can provide all of this.

While some of the textures are better than others, you will surely have to search for textures that are really bad. Especially for men who never used any sex toys, even the worse models will feel like a huge improvement to your hand. And the best? They will make you twitch of ecstasy.

Why are Fleshlights so expensive? And is buying one worth it?

Fleshlights can be expensive, yes. Especially when you think that you could just use your hand for free. But the sensation a Fleshlight gives you is just so much better, that it makes it hard to compare.

“But Fleshlights are still more expensive than many other masturbators” – This is also sometimes the case, but a lot of the times other (very cheap) masturbators are only meant for one-time use. Fleshlights are washable and re-usable which makes them much more valuable.

The most important quality of the Fleshlight is how it feels on you. And Fleshlights really feel excellent. While their textures vary from model to model, the material used remains the same. It is the same SuperSkin material they use from early on, which prides itself with an exceptionally realistic look and feel. Another part is the longevity of the Fleshlight material. With good care and caution a sleeve will last for years.

So, yes Fleshlights have their price but they also offer great, long-lasting and repeated pleasure. Fleshlight also offers a variety of products which have different prices. If you are looking for cheaper ones take a look at the Fleshskins Grip or the Quickshots or make use of one their many offers, like the Orgy (the more girls you take the cheaper it gets).

Is the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight worth it?

The Stamina Training Unit, or STU, is an older but still a very popular and heavily featured Fleshlight. You should not think of it as the holy grail of Fleshlights, but rather a helpful tool when you are seriously trying to improve your sexual stamina (though there are also others that might be an even better fit for you).

The Stamina Training Unit helps you by featuring a moderately tight canal with a consistent texture of round nubs. This continuous stimulation paired with a neat intensity and moderate tightness is the key to the effect of the STU. It helps you experience a consistent feeling while masturbating, without forcing an overly intense stimulation on you. It certainly is not the most exciting or diverse Fleshlight but using it will always provide you with the same pleasing stimulation, that you can measure to improve yourself over time.

In our list of the best Fleshlights for endurance training you will also find the STU and more helpful tips when you consider improving yourself in this regard. So yes, the Stamina Training can be worth it. If you just want to have fun and enjoy yourself, without taking too much consideration about improving your times (which you still can, with regular Fleshlight textures), we would recommend choosing a different one in order to maximize your pleasure.

Do Fleshlights feel like the real thing? Is it realistic?

Fleshlights aim to replicate the feeling of real sex. They use a patented material called SuperSkin that feels very soft and is also capable of looking very realistic. It feels a lot like the inside of a woman with some limitations.

First the textures. Fleshlights have fantastic textures, some with extravagant structures others with extremely tight passages. These models are not exactly a realistic replication of what it feels to have sex, but instead provide great and intense pleasure. Other models that focus much more on realism utilize simpler, repetitive canals with subtler structures. These textures actually portray the sensation very well. You can find a list with the most realistic textures here.

Besides the textures there are two other big differences: temperature & lubrication. The average body temperature is between 97.7 - 99.5 °F, your Fleshlight on the other hand will probably be at room temperature Therefore it will be much colder. If you want a more realistic feeling you should warm your sleeve up before you use it. There are two recommended ways to do so: use the official sleeve warmer or use warm water. The second big difference is the lubrication of the inside. As long as Fleshlights are not self-lubricating, you will have to apply the lubricant. The longer you use it the more lube will be running towards the end of sleeve and distribute itself along the canal, so you will have to reapply lube from time to time. If you are looking for a more realistic experience, it is better to use more lube than less.

So, considering the natural differences between an alive sexual partner and a lifeless masturbator we think Fleshlights do a great job of portraying a realistic experience. At least one where you have to do most of the work.

Does a Fleshlight feel better than real intercourse?

Fleshlights can provide a lot of different sensations. They provide various textures with characteristics such as tight sensations, realism or intense adventures. While they cannot provide you with the warmth and affection of a human partner, we would argue that the pure sensation on your penis feels better than real intercourse.

Fleshlights can provide you with much more intense orgasms, because they can stimulate you to the complete max. They can offer much more intense strokes and stimulation, because they were created to do so. While they lack the profundity of real intercourse, they pure feeling of it is better with a Fleshlight.

General, Measures & Material

How big is a Fleshlight?

The regular Fleshlight (that includes the classics & the Fleshlight Girls) has a length of about 10 inches with an insertable length of 9.4 inches. Its diameter measures up to 3.5 inches. Most of the textures can fit men with a girth of up to 7 inches.

Next to the classic Fleshlights there are series with different lengths:

  • Quickshot – case length: 4.4 inches (11 cm) & sleeve length: 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)
  • Fleshskins – case length: 8.75 inches (22 cm) & sleeve length: 5.35 inches (13.5 cm)
  • Flight – case length: 8 inches (20 cm) & sleeve length: 6 inches (15 cm)
  • Go – case length: 7 inches (18 cm) & sleeve length: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
  • Sex in a Can – case length: 8 inches (20 cm) & sleeve length: 6.9 inches (17.5 cm)
What is the material of a Fleshlight? Do they contain latex, plastic or silicone?

The material of the Fleshlights is called SuperSkin. It is a special patented material and its exact formula is kept a secret. It is the reason Fleshlights have such an impressive look and feel.

Do Fleshlights contain phthalates?

Phthalates (defined as esters of phthalic acid) are substances that are often found in plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. The Fleshlight material DOES NOT CONTAIN phthalates.

What kind of lubricant should I uses with my Fleshlight?

The official recommendation for Fleshlights is to only use water-based lubricants. Other lubricants, such as oil-based ones, can destroy the material of the Fleshlight over time.

Are Fleshlights vibrating?

No, Fleshlights are not vibrating, except for one special model called Fleshlight Vibro. This special Fleshlight comes with small vibrating inserts that you put into pockets on the outside of the sleeve, which lets the sleeve vibrate.

Where to buy & Best Shop

How to buy sex toys online discreetly?

A big concern when thinking about ordering sex toys online is, how to do it without your neighbors seeing what you just bought. Luckily most pure sex toy online shops are aware that their customers favor privacy in this regard and ship with neutral packaging. The good ones also hide where the package comes from. So instead of the company name, which often gives the type of contents in the package away, they use a neutral name that will not even tell the delivery driver what company you just bought from. Except, of course, he is also a customer there. But then again, he would probably complement you for your good taste!

ILF, the company behind the Fleshlight, is very sensible when it comes to shipping. They use inconspicuous packaging and hide their company name on the shipping sticker, so you don’t have to worry about nosey neighbors.


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