Karma Fleshlight texture review (Lana Rhoades)

Lana Rhoades is a member of the Fleshlight Girls since April 2018. Along with her arrived two new and exclusive Fleshlight textures. Karma is Lana’s unique and signed butt texture. It is only available with her butthole as its orifice.

Her other texture is called Destiny and uses Lana’s pussy as its entrance. It is a rather wide lady texture with a lot of bumps and ribs. Most of the structures in Destiny have rectangular shapes of some kind. Due to this it provides a great stimulation thanks to the edges of said structures.

Karma instead is a very classical anal Fleshlight texture. It relies on a repeating set of structures and utilizes cross ribs throughout the whole canal. It does not get more typical than that. Because of this nature the texture provides many constrictions of all sorts but also provides a multitude of bumps and nubs. Let’s see if Karma can revive the classical anal texture style.

Karma image gallery

Three equal parts

Lana Rhoades’ Karma consists of three identical parts. Each part in turn is starting with a cross rib section, followed by some bumps and finally leading through a textured funnel shaped constriction. Thanks to these very different structures Karma still provides enough variety in stimulation despite its consistency. The elements used in these structures are just a perfect fit for an anal Fleshlight texture.

Ribs, nubs and tightness

The three sections of the Karma texture are all about 3 inches (7.5 cm) long. The first structure of each part is almost half its size. It is three subsequent large cross ribs. They have a height and width of 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) with small gaps between them. These ribs are probably the most iconic structures for every anal Fleshlight texture. But unlike the classic textures like Forbidden, Karma uses fewer and larger ones instead of a series of very small ones. These larger ribs provide a much stronger stimulation and are generally much more perceptible to the penis. They reduce the canal diameter from about 1.2 inches (3 cm) to 0.8 inches (2 cm).

While the canal was quite straightforward during these first few inches, it then shifts towards a funnel shape. So the rest of the chamber constantly decreases in diameter, going from 1.2 inches (3 cm) to only 0.6 inches (1.5 cm). This shift is accompanied by the two other structures that appear in each section.

The first of these two are pointy nubs that face slightly towards the orifice. These have a diameter of about 0.2 inches (0.5 cm). They are arranged in three staggered rows, in order to use the available space efficiently. Yet they are not crowded but leave space between each other. As these nubs occur on the first half of the funnel, the diameter there is still relatively wide. This helps the nubs create a nice and pleasurable stimulation. It is important to mention that the nubs will have a different effect, depending on the direction the penis is thrusting. On entering the Fleshlight and going towards the end of it, these bumps will create an intensive stroking stimulation. That is because their inclined tops face directly against the penis. On the other hand, when pulling out, it will glide more easily over their tops, resulting in a lower intensity. This effect is even enhanced by the nature of the surrounding walls. Because they have this funnel shape, the available diameter decreases with every nub you pass, leaving less and less space remaining. This is turn increases the pressure from the sides and results in more intensity.

The tightness is then topped off with the following constriction. This 0.4 inches (1 cm) long transition is gently textured with a pattern of very small and fine nubs. It is the narrowest point in each of the three sections and creates a tight penetration experience. The combination of these tighter spots together with the previous intensive bumps and the earlier cross ribs makes these chambers great anal Fleshlight structures.

Repeating what works

As already mentioned, the following two sections, repeat the structures from the first one, but that is perfectly fine. The reliable change from ribs, to nubs, to a tight constriction and then again to ribs to start over makes an ideal anal texture. It has all the structures and characteristics these Fleshlights used to have early on. But it combines them in a completely new way. This makes Lana Rhoades’ Karma a great addition to the range of anal Fleshlight textures.

Another huge advantage of such a continuous design is the fit for all penis lengths. It does not matter how long your best part is, you will encounter the same structures again anyway. Therefore you do not miss out on exciting structures far back in the texture, when you can only reach the first section, but if you reach further you can enjoy this pleasant combination two more times.

A hassle to clean and okay to dry

The tighter diameter and the multitude of grooves between the cross ribs makes this texture quite timey to clean. You want to make sure you pay attention to cleaning especially the ribs along the middle section, as these are hardest to reach. The nubs also require a fair amount of attention but because they are still quite far away from each other, they are okay to clean. The drying time is nothing exceptional. It takes longer than most of the wider textures, which is just natural for a tighter anal texture, but it still dries in an average amount of time.


Karma – repeating anal qualities

Lana Rhoades’ Karma Fleshlight manages to perfectly combine the classic virtues of anal textures in a novel design. It provides everything a classic anal texture must offer: ribs, constrictions and consistency. The texture gracefully combines these elements in a unique repeating manner. A great fit for all men looking for an anal adventure, independent of their own penis length.

Inside cam view of Karma
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Length 8.9 in
Diameter 0.39-1.18 in

Lana Rhoades

alias Lana Rhodes, Lana

Lana Rhoades
By Toglenn - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
  • Sep 6, 1996
  • American / Czech / Slovenian
  • Caucasian
  • 5 ft 5 ins (1.65 m)
  • 115 lbs (52 kg)
  • 32D-23-34


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