Turbo Ignition Fleshlight texture review

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition is the name of one the two novel Turbo textures. They are completely new special Fleshlights that aim for an authentic blowjob sensation. In order to do so, they provide a uniquely designed orifice. It features an innovative 3-point-of-insertion method, which shall replicate the satisfying beginning of every blowjob by mimicking the feeling one receives by the mouth of the blowjob giver.

Besides Ignition there is also a second Turbo Fleshlight texture. It is called Thrust. Both of them have this novel orifice format. Still, each orifice has a unique design. Ignition for example uses straight bars and multiple air gaps, whereas Thrust uses as twirled design.

Another distinctive feature of the Turbo Fleshlights is its color variations. Both textures are available in copper (new) and also as a clear version. While there are already a handful of transparent textures, such as the Flight products, the Quickshot and the Fleshlight Go, the Turbos are the first ones in reddish copper.

As mentioned above the Turbo Ignition focuses on providing an outstandingly realistic oral experience, at least when it comes down to its orifice. In addition to it the actual texture behind it is extremely stimulating and has this certain mechanical style. For instance, the typical iron sheet texture at the beginning and the mechanically appearing ribs after that.

Ignition image gallery

Blowjob machine with high variability

The special oral orifice precedes two chambers that are divided by a tight constriction. The texture within the chambers is highly structured from start to finish. The structures themselves are mainly all kinds of ribs. They differ in size, shape and placement.

Turbo Ignition orifice

This neutral orifice not only features a unique appearance, but also an innovative composition. Up until the Turbo there have been a number of orifices, such as the classics like pussy, ass and mouth but also some neutral ones. Yet, the difference between those has only been of cosmetic nature.

The orifices of the Turbo Fleshlights have additional value on top of the aesthetic differences. They aim to replicate the feeling, when the penis enters the mouth for a blowjob, as realistic as possible. In order to do that it has a three stage design.

First, the penis penetrates a small round hole. It signifies the lips of the mouth and they are slightly arched towards the center. It is succeeded by a 0.4 inches (1 cm) long hollow space before the next part of the orifice continues. That one represents the tongue and its firm pressure that rubs along the penis. After this 0.4 inches (1 cm) wide constriction a small gap and finally the throat continue. The throat has a diameter of 1 inch (2,5 cm) a small edge. It leads directly into the actual texture.

The multi-part entry apparatus is best used slowly and with a full penetration. It is also recommended to use Ignition with full strokes, where you either pull out the penis completely or at least pull it out far enough so the tip is at the “lip” section.

Chamber 1: exciting and stimulating start

The first chamber stretches over a length of 4 inches (10 cm). The canal diameter starts with wide 1.2 inches (3 cm) and decreases over the course of this section down to 0.4 inches (1 cm). Most of the time it resides between 0.8 and 1 inches (2-2,5 cm).

Right at the start is a soft stimulating grid of short longitudinal ribs. They create the typical shape that can be found on metal sheets. To do so three of these 0.6 inches (1,5 cm) long and 0.12 inches wide nubs each form a block. The blocks within the first row are turned by 45 degrees in clockwise direction, the ones of the second row in counter-clockwise direction. Because the diameter is still rather wide in this spot, the grid only provides a gentle stimulation.

This is subject to change within the second structure, because what follows is much more intense. The upcoming and novel structure consists of pyramid-shaped blocks. Each block levels towards the end of the canal. Therefore the highest point of each bump block is located after about one third of the respective elements length. Additionally the section houses three cross ribs. They connect the otherwise unlinked bumps and also place small, edgy steps on their longer sides. The strongest stimulation though results from a different accessory. Because there is also a 0.2 inches high mushroom shaped nub at the front of every block. They point inclined towards the center of the canal and therefore towards the penis head on its way through this chamber. This produces, next to the already increasing pressure due to the constriction, a firm stimulation up front.

The third and final part of this chamber starts with a ring of small longitudinal ribs. They are approximately 0.27 inches (7 mm) long and very thin. They are also turned by 45 degrees and feature small rounded bumps at their beginnings. Behind them the diameter starts to decrease from 1 inch (2,5 cm) to 0.67 inches (1,7 cm). Then a structure consisting of small trapezes, interchangeably pointing towards the entrance and away from it, follows. They only stick out minimally but still reduce the diameter to a mere 0.47 inches (1,2 cm). The edges of this structure provide a pleasant rubbing stimulation and due to their small height they are relatively stiff.

Finally a constriction comes up, connecting the first chamber with the second one.

Short constriction ahead

The connection of the two chambers of Ignition is a 0.6 inches (1,5 cm) long constriction. It starts with a tight ring consisting of round 0.12 inches (3 mm) wide nubs. In its middle the diameter measures a tight 0.4 inches (1 cm). At the end of the chamber is a second identical bump ring.

Between them the exact opposite remains. Instead of another nub ring, a ring consisting of round cavities resides. The resulting holes are exactly as large as the nubs and therefore increase the available space in the center of the constriction passage. In order that the rings fit closer to each other they are staggered.

As mentioned, the connection ends with the second bump ring and leads into the second chamber.

Second chamber to finish Ignition

The start of the second chamber is already far into the Turbo Ignition Fleshlight. It starts after 6 inches (15 cm). The first part of the chamber is covered by a grid of ribs. It has a honeycomb shape and covers the first 1.2 inches (3 cm) of this section. Each comb cell has a length of 0.6 inches (1,5 cm). Therefore there is only space for two rows of them. Whoever is capable of reaching that far into the texture gets rewarded with a pleasant rubbing stimulation.

Succeeding to the combs is a ribbed path. It consists of medium sized ribs with slightly bigger gaps between them, so that they are not placed immediately after one another. This structure fills the rest of the available space of Ignition.

Extremely high variety with great structures

The Turbo Ignition ignites in the first chamber and takes off from there. Even though the first grid is rather gentle, the structures after it provide an extensive and intensive sensation. Every inch the elements change and provide new structures.

The deeper one pushes into the texture the bigger the rewarding sensation gets. The only disadvantage is that many men will not provide the length necessary to reach into the last structures. That is a pity for this exciting texture.

Moderate cleaning effort

In order to clean the Fleshlight some structures require more effort. But in general the structure has no deep grooves in which residues could be left behind. Therefore the expenditure to clean Ignition is within limits. The drying time is okay but above average due to the generally tighter canal.


Turbo Ignition – get blown (away) by super structures

The first highlight of Ignition is already its orifice. But also the succeeding elements provide a great stimulation and much unseen combinations. The high variety and the narrow canal provide amazing pleasure and incredible orgasms. Ignition combines exciting stimulation with an innovative blowjob orifice.

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Length 8.9 in
Diameter 0.47-0.98 in


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