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Lisa Ann
or Zina Sunshine, Lisa, Leesa, Lisa Ann Vision, Lisa Anne
Lisa Ann's pussy
Lisa Ann's pussy
Lisa Ann's butt
Lisa Ann's butt
Lisa Ann's mouth
Lisa Ann's mouth

More Politics Please

We love when adult stars get on their soapbox. Lisa Ann is most known for her dead-on portrayal of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Remember Mrs. Palin? A legit hottie in her own right, Ann is a dead ringer, down to the cougar tits and dick sucking lips. Hustler made an awesome video, Who’s Nailin’ Paylin (who comes up with this shit, fucking Stephen Hawking?), which was released … wait for it … on election day. Well played Hustler, and Lisa said she watched Tina Fey’s impressions of Paylin to coach her up.

Post posing as a cum receiving vice-presidential candidate, Ann got into advocacy work, making the most of that pretty ass on top of her soapbox. She supported gun rights, and Obama (an odd pairing), and was a staunch advocate on the topic of copyright infringement of adult content. Lisa really threw herself into the public health world as it pertained to sexually transmitted diseases on porn sets. For the record, she’s against transmitting diseases, be it on the set or in an airplane lavatory.

An Equal Opportunity MILF

Ann’s advocacy work continued rallying to destigmatize interracial pornography. Let’s dive a bit deeper here, Lisa is a fan of wieners of all races having won the MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year in 2009 (AVN), Hottest MILF Award in 2014 (AVN) and MILF Performer of the Year 2015 (XBIZ). She fucked black dudes, Hispanic dudes, Asian dudes and white dudes. She took cocks of all shades, inserted them in her mature puss, massaged the fuck out of them until they spit white coco, and then cashed her check.

Young Cock Seeker

Lisa Ann has been in the news more than your average adult star. In 2009 it was revealed she was boinking (seeing) Rob Kardashian and had her hand down the pants of 18-year-old Notre Dame football player Justin Brent. Keeping true to her MILF status, Lisa Ann is excellent at wooing young men and trapping them in her web. That sounds negative but believe us it’s not – Ann is smoking hot and any kid who would be lucky enough to have a mom that looks like Lisa would have an interesting upbringing. Your friends constantly at the house, wondering when your Mom was going to serve a second round of juice and cookies, rubbing their pants and sneaking a peak down her top. Talk about awkward.

Nutting in a Fish

It should come to no surprise that Lisa’s Fleshlight is known as the Barracuda. A nasty fish that rips apart its prey - tearing, slashing, destroying and eventually consuming - Ann’s pussy is like that fish. Are you turned on? In all honesty, you should be, front-facing bristles on Lisa’s barracuda welcome your dong, massaging and leading you along the way, down a thick passage way, and if your length permits, into the barracuda’s mouth. Not a real barracuda, that would be smelly and quite possibly illegal, but a barracuda mouth without the teeth and slashing effect. In a nutshell, you’ll nut, all over Lisa’s fish guts.

Star Information

All Fleshlights, textures & orifices of

born on
May 9, 1972
Easton, PA, USA
Lisa Anne Corpora
5 ft 2 ins (1.57 m)
110 lbs (50 kg)


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