Turbo Thrust Fleshlight texture review

Thrust is the name of one of the two new Fleshlight Turbo textures. The second one is called Ignition. Turbo is a new Fleshlight series that aims to provide the ultimate blowjob experience. In order to do so it comes with a brand new and innovative orifice. It features a three point of insertion penetration experience to replicate a blowjob as realistic as possible. Other than that the texture itself provides plenty of intensive and varying structures.

Next to the novel orifice the Turbo Thrust Fleshlight surprises with its style and colors. The Turbo products are one of the few models, which are available in more than one color variation. Both the Thrust and the Ignition exist in a clear version as well as in a unique copper tone.

The previously mentioned style is also extraordinary, because the Turbos come in a mechanical look. That might sound contradictory to its intended use as a blowing simulator. Yet, the Thrust manages to combine both worlds exceptionally well.

The texture does not remind of the classical oral Fleshlights. Instead it provides an intensive interaction between nub structures and tight canals. Thrust stands for extraordinary penetration and intensive stimulation after that.

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Tight and intensive blowjob

Even though the orifice is completely new, it is not the only highlight of Thrust. Also the texture itself has plenty to offer. It can be divided in roughly three larger sections. Each of them provides a repeating pattern of structures. They all have in common that they feature multiple kinds of bumps and a tight diameter. The intensity paired with the unique initial penetration sensation is what makes the Thrust Fleshlight so appealing.

Turbo Thrust orifice

The orifice is already the most interesting part of Thrust. In contrast to the classic orifices, such as pussy, ass and mouth it remains with a neutral look even though it is meant as an oral orifice. Still, it also differs greatly from other neutral openings as the Pure or the ones of the Quickshot or Go.

It looks like a ship’s screw and its twisted blades, promising a fast and dynamic ride. Besides the external differences in the looks, the Turbo orifice also provides functional improvements. In contrast to the classic orifices, the differences are not only of aesthetic nature, but also have a purpose.

This purpose is the three stepped penetration sensation that aims to provide a most realistic blowjob. The first hole of this construction represents the lips of the mouth. It is slightly arched inwards. After a 0.4 inches (1 cm) long hollow space after it the next transition continues. It now provides a firmer pressure, rubbing alongside the penis. This part represents the tongue. Finally, behind a small gap the third point of insertion awaits: the throat. It is 1 inch (2,5 cm) wide and features a small edge.

The sensation these three parts of the orifice provide is felt best when taking slow strokes. It is highly recommended to repeatedly pull out completely to get this experience over and over. You do not have to completely pull out but at least until the tip of your penis reaches the outer “lips”.

First section: it is getting intensive & tighter

The first section stretches over 5 smaller chambers. They are a result of the repeating pattern inside this first part. The roughly 0.27 inches (7 mm) long chambers continually decrease in height. While the first has a wide diameter of a bit more than 1.2 inches (3 cm), the last one only measure 0.8 inches (2 cm) anymore. The constrictions between those chambers decrease to only 0.47 inches (1,2 cm) in diameter.

The pattern, which leads to these chambers, consists of multiple elements. The first ones are long drawn-out longitudinal ribs. They are twisted in counter-clockwise direction and stretch over the whole first section with a total length of 2.4 inches (6 cm). The actual dividers of the chambers are formed by ring-shaped constrictions. They start with a height of 0.8 inches (2 cm) and get narrower with each subsequent chamber down to the previously mentioned 0.47 inches (1,2 cm). On top of that the rings feature small rounded nubs on their surface. Those provide additional stimulation within these already tight passages.

This whole first area provides a rapid introduction for the intensive sensation that lies behind the name Thrust. The diameter already decreases to a narrow level, at which it will remain over the further course. Additionally the first of many more intensive bumps start the pleasure with intensive stimulating rib and bump combinations.

Short but sturdy middle section

Abruptly the first section leads into the centerpiece of Thrust. This 1.8 inches (4,5 cm) long section accommodates large diamond-shaped bumps. The 0.4 inches (1 cm) wide bumps have a rectangular base, but then rise to a line that connects two corners of opposite ends. The result is large bumps with an edge that crosses the direction of the canal. These bumps are positioned in four staggered rows, each with three pieces. Their large surfaces provide a strong stimulation and yet their special shape lets them stand very fixed.

These intensive spots are perfectly located in the central section of the Fleshlight, as this is the area that gets passed most by the penis tip. Between the bump tops and the opposite walls the diameter only measure 0.6 inches (1,5 cm) of free space. So, in addition to the strong stimulation it is also very tight.

Wild finish

The last 1.4 inches (6 cm) then get slightly chaotic. In there are a lot of nubs and ribs with the goal to finish the texture with more intensity. A long rib runs twisted through the first inch of this area. It is accompanied by multiple nubs that face towards the canal center like waves. They create a firmly rubbing stimulation and are divided among four rings.

Behind these is a 0.8 inches (2 cm) long area with relatively small ribs. They hardly contribute to the intensity of the texture and represent the finishing of the texture.

In this whole last part the diameter remains as narrow as within the center. While the first structures still provide a strong stimulation, the last part seems to be more of an air chamber so that a vacuum can build up.

Tight and intensive until the end

Thrust really is a Turbo Fleshlight because it stimulates at full throttle until the end. While the first structures are a bit wider, from the center on it remains tight. At the same time each part is covered with ribs and nubs. Yet, the first section seems to be designed with more devotion.

Due to the smooth transitions and the generally similar textures, the differences in the three sections are not easy to distinguish. In exchange the intensity constantly remains high. Another advantage is that you will not feel as if you have missed anything when you cannot reach into the final structures.

Cleaning and drying time

A disadvantage of the tightness of this Turbo texture is cleaning. Especially the first part provides space for residues and has to be thoroughly cleaned with your fingers. From then on it gets really tight but there is hardly space where liquids can stick to. The tight canal will also increase drying time, though.


Thrust – blow first and then get intensive

The Turbo Thrust texture starts with a dedicated blowjob orifice. It is visually and functionally innovative. Behind it lies a texture that reminds more of an anal texture. It is extremely intensive and continuously tight. This unusual combination still matches great. You should not think of it as a realistic experience but as the perfect lovechild of both worlds. A tight-intensive blowjob!

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Length 8.9 in
Diameter 0.39-0.98 in


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