Fleshskins Blue Ice Fleshlight review

The first new Fleshlight of 2018 is not just a new texture, but belongs to a whole new series, which is called Fleshskins. They break with the traditional structure of Fleshlights, which is a combination of sleeve and case that together form the toy. Instead the sleeve itself is the masturbation product. You pull it directly and without the case over your penis.

To give you enough grip, the sleeve has four holes along one of its sides. These are for your fingers. Its appearance looks a lot like brass knuckles and has a clear advantage to the classic Fleshlights. It lets you control the intensity and tightness of the texture by adjusting your grip.

Even though this kind of masturbation toy is nothing new per se, it is the first Fleshlight to use this approach of only requiring the sleeve. Other producers of pocket pussies, such as Tenga, have had this kind of toys for a long time. The material of the sleeve is the typical reliable SuperSkin that the other Fleshlights use as well. It makes a large portion of the difference to other products of this kind, because it is supposed to be reused over and over whereas other types of pocket pussies are supposed to be only used once. The material of the Blue Ice Fleshskin is as the name suggests a clear blueish tone.

Next to the already mentioned characteristics, the Blue Ice is also much shorter than classical Sleeves. While they have a length of 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) the Fleshskins are only 5.35 inches (13.5 cm) long. Although the sleeve is used without a case, it is still shipped with one. Instead of using the case while masturbating it features two different purposes. The first one, of course, is as protection when you store it. Otherwise you would wear it off rather quickly, not to mention the dust it would collect over time. On top of that the case also features a long rod within its center. It is used to help the sleeve to dry quickly after washing and is probably one of the most enjoyable novelties ILF has produced in the last months. After cleaning you just put the sleeve on the drying rod and when it is dry place the lid on the case to store it.

The Fleshskin series aims to cover a different area of masturbation than the classic Fleshlight shapes. First of all it creates a much more personal and individual sensation due to the direct contact and the variable intensity through the grip. At the same time the Fleshlight is very compact (except for its case), making it much easier to use in different positions but also together with a partner. The functional case serves the purposes of storing it and helping the texture to dry. Therefore the Fleshskins cater to men who want an exciting and intensive masturbation by hand, while they also offer additional comfort for cleaning and drying.

Blue Ice image gallery

A simple texture with individual intensity

The Blue Ice texture of the first Fleshskin is split into three more or less equally sized sections. They each consist of one type of repeating structure. Every section is about 1.4 to 1.2 inches (3.5-3 cm) long. Their diameter is between 0.8 and 1.2 inches (2-3 cm).

All chambers provide a pleasant stimulation, while the intensity and tightness can be set individually. To adjust these simply tighten or loosen your grip. In general you should start with a softer grip, because otherwise you will most likely start to squeeze too tight.

Neutral orifice and first section

After the neutral orifice at the bottom of the Blue Ice you immediately enter the first chamber. It is spacious and rounded. The walls are covered with nipple-like bumps. They consist of flat rounded nubs with small round bumps within their center. This section, just like the upcoming ones, is relatively short. But because it is also placed at the very beginning, you will rush through it rather quickly. In contrast, you will spend more time within the other sections towards the middle and end of the texture.

Three cross ribs in the middle

The central part of the Fleshskin Blue Ice consists of three narrow cross ribs. They are of ordinary shape and produce a short vibrating pulling sensation. At this point you can create a comprehensive and tight pressure with your heel of hand. This will make the penis rub tightly along the structures. In order to reduce some of this effect, the outer wall on the same level is slightly wider. As a result it will better fit the shape of your hand but also take some of the intensity by design.

Pleasant nubs

The third chamber features elongated but rather short nubs. They face skewed towards the orifice at the bottom. Therefore they directly oppose the incoming penis tip, creating a strong and pleasant sensation when entering and a softer gliding stimulation when pulling out.

At the same time, this chamber is on the same height as your thumb as well as your index and middle finger. Therefore you can grab your penis especially firm within this chamber. You can increase the intensity or just form a small hole to push through. Since this chamber also provides you with the most intense structures of Blue Ice you should take care to not hold too tight. Otherwise you will more likely just numb your penis by strangling it too tight.

Nonetheless this part of the Fleshlight lets you create most of the stimulation and intensity. When the tip of the penis enters this part, the rest of it lies within the Blue Ice texture as well. With a tight grip and short thrusts you can create an intense and extremely pleasing stimulation. While doing so you can feel your penis between your thumb, index and middle finger gliding over the bumps but because of the clear material you can also see it doing so.

Exceptional and convenient Fleshlight

ILF enters new terrain with its new Fleshlight Fleshskins. The caseless design puts you in charge of how you experience the texture and gives you the possibility to vary the intensity of the strokes. Previous Fleshlights only let you differentiate the masturbation speed, but the overall sensation was predefined by the texture and the stiffness of the case. The Fleshskins on the other hand let you create more intensity but also exercise restraint.

The holes on the side of the sleeve prevent slipping when the sleeve gets slippery due to excess lube on the SuperSkin material. At the same time it raises the questions how long they will last.

The short length of 5.35 inches (13.5 cm) is still long enough to cover for most penis lengths. Additionally it makes the whole Fleshlight more compact, which usually affects the usage positively. At the same time its creators have had easier maintenance of the sleeve in mind for the first time, by providing a dedicated rod to dry and store the sleeve on. Even though the resulting size of the case makes it equally practical for traveling than the classic versions, it definitely improves its applicability for everyday use.

Cleaning & drying time – A+

The Fleshskins are the first Fleshlights that apparently had easier cleaning in mind from the very beginning. Instead of providing additional accessories, they already ship with a practical container for this purpose. Due to the small size of the sleeve and as a consequence thereof the easy reachability of all its inside textures, cleaning the Blue Ice is a breeze. Right after that you just pull it over the drying rod, making the excess water run out and letting air stream in. The result is a short drying time. After it completely dried just add the transparent top of the case and you are good to store it.


Fleshskins Blue Ice – lend your Fleshlight a hand

The Blue Ice of the innovative Fleshskins series impresses with three major aspects. It is compact, provides a nice variability and is convenient for everyday use. Its reduced size still provides enough space for most men. The slightly wider texture can be modified in its tightness and intensity by your own grip. This gives you the whole range from pleasantly soft and slow strokes to intense and tight thrusts. The rapid cleaning and the optimized drying capabilities make it the perfect masturbation addition for your day-to-day pleasure. Especially for those days where you don’t feel like getting your large Fleshlight with its cumbersome cleaning process.

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Length 5.3 in
Diameter 0.79-1.18 in


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