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Tera Patrick
ou Tara Patrick, Brooke Thomas, Linda Shapiro, Sadie Jordan, Sara Jordan
Tera PatrickVagina
Tera PatrickVagina
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Tera PatrickAsno
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The Value of a Humble Beginning

Linda Ann Hopkins, from Great Falls, Montana. Patrick’s fan club, which numbers in the millions, has likely swarmed that poor town, seeking out the birth-home of one of the sexiest women to ever grace the sperm-soaked big screen. Imagine how the mayor must feel, welcoming a yearly swarm of degenerates arriving regularly to their mecca, the land of Patrick.

Like Jenna Jamison, Tera Patrick is a legend in porn. Her exotic good looks have provided a wealth of bathroom masturbation material for a host of folks over the years. Originating from a Thai mother and a British/Irish/Dutch Dad, despite her Mom having abandoned the family when Tera was just 10, her Pops stepped up and shouldered the load. After all, someone needed to look after what would become a fucking sexual monster just 8 short years later.

To Tokyo, not with Love

Along the way however Patrick took a turn for the worse, initially being spotted by the Barbizon School of Modeling and promptly whisked away to Tokyo to model. She was taken advantage of at the tender age of 15 by a deadbeat Japanese photographer, prying her with valium and alcohol so he could enact his own sick fantasies. Stateside Patrick’s Dad caught wind of the shenanigans and got his daughter back, but Tera returned in bad shape.

A Unique Beauty

By the time she was 18 however things were beginning to look up for young Patrick. She had obtained her GED, studied a bit of nursing at Boise State University and received an EMT certification. Armed with the academic side of things she was now ready to launch into a medical related career. But instead she wet her pussy and inserted ding-dongs. Tera’s good looks and adventurous spirit landed her immediate work in the adult industry, receiving the Best American Starlet – Hot d’Or Award in 2000, the NightMoves Best New Starlet Award the same year, and following up with the Best New Starlet Award in 2001 by AVN and XRCO.

Slowing Down, but still a Bombshell

Up til that point nobody looked like Patrick in porn, and while there were of course Asian actresses, the racial mix that Tera brought to the table was explosive. She was immediately awash in cum and dollars, and the industry was officially on notice. Tera eventually retired after a nice 8 year run in 2008 but is still quite active on the business side. She married Evan Seinfeld, one of the founding members of Biohazard with whom Patrick launched a series of ventures (some successful, others not so much). They would later divorce and Tera today resides in Italy with her daughter and new husband, a criminal defense attorney.

Your Unit will Thank You

Tera comes strong, and only for the hard and long. The Tease Signature Texture is a sleeve for your unit that will keep you cum, cum, cuming along. Gentle, loving tentacles greet the shaft, and upon entrance steadily receive a well-engineered massage as you slide along. There’s a series of cavities here guys, so cancel that pool night with the dudes and hunker down for a long evening. This is the type of relationship that you’ll want to crack a brew or your favorite bubbly. Tera is here … and you’re in her.

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Todas as Fleshlights, texturas e aberturas de

nascido em
Jul 25, 1976
Great Falls, MT, USA
Linda Ann Hopkins
Caucasian / Asian
5 ft 9 ins (1.75 m)
121 lbs (55 kg)


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