Fleshlight Entice sleeve review (Angela White)

Entice is the exclusive anal texture of erotic star Angela White. It was first introduced in October 2014, together with her lady texture Indulge. Entice is an improved version of the Twisted texture. The main component is a long spiral that stretches over the whole inner canal as well. Additionally, in contrast to Twisted, Entice features bumps on top of the rib as well as between the loops. The result is a well-balanced mixture of stimulation and massage.

Because it is an anal texture, the sleeve also has to provide the typical expected tightness. Though, in this case the real tightness sensation does not start before the middle of the canal. Another necessity of such a Fleshlight is a fitting orifice. In the case of Entice it is the asshole of Angela White, next to which the erotic star signed herself. So, let’s head into the whirl of joy.

One-chambered texture with a vortex

The Entice texture starts just behind Angela White’s asshole. After this tight constriction the corridor first widens up. The diameter therefore starts with about 1.2 inches (3 cm). It is going to decrease significantly later but for the first 4-4.7 inches it is going to remain at this width. That makes for a quite unusual start for an anal texture, because their characteristic is tightness and usually they start off tight already. Angela White’s anal Fleshlight does it differently. It first concentrates on single stimulation impulses before the tightness begins.

Three different structures is all it takes

Entice only utilizes three different structures. The first is a very long cross rib. It stretches spirally throughout the whole texture. It is the most important part and divides the canal through its loops. The next structures are rectangular bumps, which are placed on top of the spiral. Finally the last ones are big round bumps that are located between the loops of the spiral.

The spiral

Accordingly the spiral starts immediately. It starts right where the chamber starts. From there it runs in wide circles along the wall. It manages a total of three full loops, before it reaches the end of the texture. The rib that is essentially the spiral has a width of wide 0.8 inches (2 cm). This thick belt has a height of about 0.2 inches (0,5 cm) which additionally reduces the diameter and therefore the available space.

The rectangular bumps

The rectangular bumps are located on the previously described spiral-shaped cross rib. They each have a width of 0.2 inches (0,5 cm) and a depth and height of 0.4 inches (1 cm). The gap between the single bumps is not even 0.2 inches (0,5 cm). Therefore they are very densely packed. They also provide most of the stimulation, because they stick the deepest towards the center of the canal. While pushing through Entice, they slowly twist around the penis in counterclockwise direction. Due to their size they provide a substantial resistance and thus create a good penetration sensation.

The donut-shaped bumps

The third structure is bumps again. But these have a round shape and a huge diameter of 1 inch (2,5 cm). Within their center they have a circular indentation with a diameter of 0.27 inches (0,7 cm). That gives them the shape of a donut. The bumps are placed between the loops of the thick cross rib. Due to their immense size there is only space for a total of 10 bumps over the course of the texture. They produce additional stimulation and are not very flexible due to their shape and big base.

The pleasant interaction

These three structures stretch from the very first to the last inch. The distribution is completely even. The only change that happens occurs after about 4.7 inches (12 cm). That is the sport where the diameter of the canal decreases significantly. It drops to below 1 inch (2,5 cm). Considering that the structures on the canal walls, such as the bumps and the rib, reduce the diameter additionally, there is not a lot of free room left. The effective available width therefore is significantly tighter. That is also the reason why Entice starts to provide this great tightness experience from there on. The kind of sensation that is common for anal Fleshlights.

It’s just a pity that this change happens rather late. That is also one of the weaknesses of Entice, because Entice therefore targets especially men with an above average penis length. With the length of an average penis, only the penis head will start to experience this tightening. Men with below average length will unfortunately not reach that far. Although you won’t miss any new structures due to the repeating pattern, the tightness is one of the main reasons why anal sleeves are chosen. The fact that this sensation starts kind of late into the texture reduces this feeling.

The variety makes cleaning harder

Cleaning is also harder due to the structures. They increase the overall cleaning time as well as the time it takes for the sleeve to completely dry afterwards. The amount of lubricant needed remains average though.


Entice – a pleasantly soft anal texture

Entice is a great anal texture. It provides an extremely pleasant and relatively soft stimulation. Still it creates a good penetration experience and towards the end some very tight moments. To reach those you need a rather long penis, or you might miss this sensation. If you can afford these last inches Entice is going to make you very satisfied. It will provide you with great orgasms.

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Length 8.9 in
Diameter 0.39-0.71 in

Angela White

Alias Angie

  • Mar 4, 1985
  • Australian
  • Caucasian
  • 5 ft 3 ins (1.6 m)
  • 128 lbs (58 kg)
  • 42-28-36


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